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JMIL Today

JMIL has traditionally been involved in the exports of agro-based commodities and has developed its niche in markets geographically as diverse as the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Persian Gulf countries, South East Asia and the Far East including Japan. gravite.gif (10095 bytes)

The company has setup modern and well-equipped units to carry out various activities. The company has its units in the heartlands of Jamnagar in Gujarat, Cochin in Kerala and Indri in Haryana.

Its present activities include manufacture/processing, trading and export of varied products like

  • Crushing edible oilseeds

  • Refining and exporting castor oilrice_plant.gif (27388 bytes)

  • Shelling, grading, sorting, hand picking and exporting edible peanuts

  • Milling, grading, sorting and exporting rice including Basmati

  • Grading, cleaning and exporting sesame seed

  • Processing, cleaning, grading and exporting various spices

  • Exporting coffee

  • Exporting cashewnuts and walnuts


JMIL is one of the largest exporters of Castor oil, Rice, (HPS) Groundnut and Black Pepper from India