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Indian Spices carry with them centuries old reputation around the globe. In the long history of the JM group, spice export has been an integral part of the business. The group has been involved in spice export for more than four decades and continues to retain its supremacy amongst Indian trading firms.

Black Pepper, ginger, chillies and turmeric (Allppey) from Kerala and cuminseed, fennelseed, celeryseed, dillseed, fenugreek and turmeric from Western India are some of the important spices actively traded by the JM Group.

JM's major activities in spices are carried out from the heart of the spices region - Kerala.All modern amenities are available at the unit, based in Cochin. Right from locationalspices_02.gif (12526 bytes) advantage to procurement feasibility this unit has it all and is one of the few modern processing facilities in the country.The plant has mechanised cleaning and grading equipment ( aspirator, destoner, gravity separator, spirals etc.), a drying yard for sun drying/natural drying of spices and warehouses for scientific storage/stuffing of containers in-house.

Equally efficient processing facilities have been set up by the company at Jamnagar, Gujarat for the procurements of cuminseed, fennelseed, celeryseed, dillseed, fenugreek and turmeric from the Western region.

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